Which NFL Division is best at Fantasy Football?

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Each division drafted players from only their division, who will come out on top?

NFC East:

This could be the team to beat. Their running back duo of Ezekiel Elliot and Saquon Barkley could be the strongest in the league, and Odell Beckham Jr. adds a top five wide receiver. Carson Wentz is a good fantasy quarterback, but not great, and Zach Ertz is a top three tight end. If this were a normal league, this team would be a shoe in for the title. 

Team emoji: 🤑

Strength: running back, tight end

Weakness: quarterback

Projected Finish: 2nd

NFC North

Eh. This team won't be very good, and won't be very bad. If Aaron Rodgers is healthy than they have the best quarterback in the league, but that won't make them a title threat. They have a good three wide receivers, but nothing very special at running back. 

Team emoji: 🤷‍♂️

Strength: wide receiver, quarterback

Weakness: running back

Projected Finish: 4th

NFC South:

This team is going to be dangerous. These guys could be title favorites. They have an incredible wide receiver triumvirate with Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, and Mike Evans, and their top three running backs (Alvin Kamara, Christian McCaffrey and Devonta Freeman) are nearly as dominant. Also very good quarterbacks in Cam Newton and Drew Brees. Watch out.

Team emoji: 🏆

Strength: running back, wide receiver

Weakness: defense

Projected Finish: 1st

NFC West:

Todd Gurley and David Johnson are an insane running back one two, but this team doesn't have much behind them. Larry Fitzgerald is aging, and Doug Baldwin is good, but not great. Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in fantasy football, and Greg Zuerlein is easily a top three kicker though.

Team emoji: 😴

Strength: running back, kicker

Weakness: wide receiver, tight end

Projected Finish: 6th

AFC East:

No disrespect to him, but when Rob Gronkowski is the best player on your fantasy team, it's going to be a tough season. Literally half of this team plays for the New England Patriots. Their number one wide receiver is Chris Hogan. That's just disappointing. They have Brady, but the other quarterbacks in this division are just so terrible that the team didn't bother drafting a backup.

Team emoji: 🤦‍♂️

Strength: tight end

Weakness: wide receiver, running back

Projected Finish: 8th

AFC North:

Besides the Pittsburgh Steelers duo of Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown (who could put this team in contention), there is not much here. A.J Green is a top wide receiver, and Josh Gordon has potential, but Tyrod Taylor and Ben Roethlisberger just aren't good enough at quarterback. They will hold this team back.

Team emoji: 😕

Strength: wide receiver

Weakness: quarterback, tight end

Projected Finish: 7th

cAFC South:

Good players, mostly not great players. DeAndre Hopkins is a top three wide receiver, no two ways about it, and Leonard Fournette will get the ball a ton. T.Y. Hilton is also good, but besides those three, there isn't much star power. DeShaun Watson could become an MVP threat at QB though if he stays healthy, and when Andrew Luck is healthy he is a top five quarterback.

Team emoji: 😐

Strength: wide receiver, quarterback

Weakness: kicker, flex

Projected Finish: 5th

AFC West: