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2021 AFC Power Rankings

  1. Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs have an actual offensive line now, meaning they are back as the league's best team.

  2. Buffalo Bills: They have all of the necessary pieces, that is if Josh Allen can repeat or better his stellar season last year to be a legitimate threat to Kansas City.

  3. Tennessee Titans: Tennessee's third down defense (getting stops 48.1% of the time) was the worst in the NFL in 30 years. Being just average would do wonders for this team.

  4. Cleveland Browns: Remember that Odell Beckham Jr. missed the Browns final 11 games, including the playoffs. This offense should be tough to stop.

  5. Baltimore Ravens: In the Ravens final five regular season games last year they averaged 37.2 points. With a bunch of new receivers, their problem coming from behind could start to be fixed.

  6. New England Patriots: New Quarterback, new tight ends, two new receivers. The Patriots also get back and add some significant pieces to their defense.

  7. Indianapolis Colts: The Colts have the depth at receiver to help out Carson Wentz, but this defense will still need to carry the Colts for them to make the playoffs.

  8. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers have plenty of star power on both sides of the ball. Their collapse last year was ugly though, and Ben Roethlisberger is now 39 years old.

  9. Miami Dolphins: This season truly is all about Tua Tagovailoa. We know the defense is going to force a lot of turnovers, Miami just needs their offense, now full of speedy receivers to execute.

  10. Los Angeles Chargers: We all remember Justin Herbert's stellar rookie of the year winning season, but the Chargers still went 7-9 last year and have a largely new coaching staff. Still this team could be dangerous.

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