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Division Fantasy Football League 2021 Preview

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

1. AFC West:

The AFC West has been very competitive the last three years, even making the championship last season. This might just be the year they break through. Pat Mahomes finished fourth among QBs last year in fantasy, and this team also boasts last years top two tight ends. They have some depth with Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Courtland Sutton on the bench, but the x-factor for this team will be their running backs staying healthy and at the very least meeting their expectations. In addition, any input from the Broncos would be a bonus.

Last year's finish: 2nd

Strengths: tight end, quarterback

Weaknesses: running back

Team emoji: 🔥

2. NFC South:

The NFC South won the first two DFFL titles, yet a six game losing streak to end the year last season ended their hopes of three-peating. This season, they will once again boast the best combination of starting running backs and wide receivers in the league. With Christian McCaffrey healthy this is a completely different team. Considering their insane depth at wide receiver, the real questions are with quarterback and tight end. Tom Brady is not your typical fantasy star, and Kyle Pitts is an unproven rookie. They could be the difference makers.

Last year's finish: 5th

Strengths: running back, wide receiver

Weaknesses: quarterback, tight end

Team emoji: 🐐

3. NFC North:

The reigning champs come into 2021 with virtually the exact same team they won the title with -- that is, if Aaron Rodgers decides to play for Green Bay. The fate of this team really does rest on the shoulders of Rodgers, as both Aaron Jones and Davante Adams rely in part to his production. Should he play, the NFC North is once again a title contender, with a stellar group of running backs and wide receivers, and players like Allen Robinson, Adam Thielen, and David Montgomery on the bench.

Last year's finish: 1st

Strengths: running back, wide receiver

Weaknesses: quarterback

Team emoji: 🏆

4. NFC West:

The NFC West won the NFC regular season crown last season, but completely flamed out in the playoffs. They come into 2021 with an outside chance at the title thanks to their wide receivers, tight end and quarterback. What sets this team back is their running backs. Chris Carson finished as their top RB last year, but was only the RB19 overall. They need a strong year from him and a big jump from Cam Akers at the very least to be able to succeed in the postseason.

Last year's finish: 4th

Strengths: quarterback, wide receiver, tight end

Weaknesses: running back

Team emoji: 👍

5. NFC East:

The NFC East had a brutally disappointing 2020 season in which they ended up finishing in last place. They lost Dak Prescott and Saquon Barkley early in the year, and that completely derailed them. Going into 2021, they are looking like a sneaky sleeper pick to make a run at the title. They have great running backs (including Antonio Gibson on the bench), and an elite QB. They also have a lot of depth at wide receiver, but will need a few of those guys to really break out. TE is still a question mark.

Last year's finish: 8th

Strengths: running back, quarterback

Weaknesses: tight end

Team emoji: 🤔

6. AFC North:

The AFC North started last season 4-1, but just couldn't keep it together, and ended up finishing in seventh place. Given how weak the AFC might be this year, this team has a legitimate shot at the playoffs. They are a well rounded team, but completely lack a superstar. To have a chance at the championship, they would need Lamar Jackson to return to elite QB form, for both running backs to stay healthy, and the Browns, Steelers, and Bengals to use an actualy WR1 not a committee.

Last year's finish: 7th



Team emoji: 😴

7. AFC South:

The AFC South ended up finishing in third place last season thanks in most part to their trio of running backs in Derrick Henry, Jonathan Taylor, and James Robinson who all finished in the top seven overall for backs. Going into 2021, they are a longshot to really compete for the crown. Their dependence on the Tennessee Titans is definitely a concern. The other three teams in the division are less than average in terms of fantasy production. This team also completely lacks a real tight end, as Anthony Firkser finished 26th at the position last year.

Last year's finish: 3rd

Strengths: running back

Weaknesses: tight end

Team emoji: 👎

8. AFC East:

For the fourth straight year, the AFC East opens the year projected to finish in dead last. With a consolation round victory last year they actually finished in sixth place, but don't expect the team's first playoff birth to come in 2021. Besides Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs they have no stars. They don't have any elite running backs, or tight ends, and there is a big drop off after Diggs at wide receiver. It will be another long year for supporters of the AFC East.

Last year's finish: 6th

Strengths: quarterback

Weaknesses: running back, tight end

Team emoji: 🗑

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