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Week 1: NFL Power Rankings - Top 15

The Rams are week 1's biggest riser. Does your team make our list, and if so, where do they fall after a week of football?

1. Kansas City Chiefs: ➡️⬅️

Adding Clyde Edwards-Helaire to this offense just feels so unfair. He had 25 touches for 138 rushing yards and a touchdown. The Chiefs completely had their way with the Texans in a dominant victory. They have so many weapons on offense that Houston simply could not keep up and cover all of them. It was a pretty easy victory for KC.

Week 1: HOU: 20, KC: 34

Week 2: @LAC

2. Baltimore Ravens: ➡️⬅️

Lamar Jackson was in MVP form as the Ravens demolished the Browns. The Ravens rushing game besides Jackson was not great, although J.K. Dobbins did pick up two touchdowns in his NFL debut. Baltimore's defense was outstanding, picking up two fumbles and an interception.

Week 1: CLE: 6, BAL: 38

Week 2: @HOU

3. New Orleans Saints: ➡️⬅️

It was by no means a perfect win over the Bucs, but that just shows how good New Orleans is. They didn't even play all that well and still beat Tom Brady's side by 11 points. The defense was huge picking up a fumble and two interceptions, including a pick-6. The offense was very short play focused.

Week 1: TB: 23, NO: 34

Week 2: @LVR

4. Seattle Seahawks: ➡️⬅️

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense was electric vs. the Falcons. DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett each had over 90 yards receiving, and Chris Carson had two touchdowns as well. Honestly, right now, Russell Wilson might just be the best player on the planet. He should have a good one against the Patriots next week.

Week 1: SEA: 38, ATL: 25

Week 2: vs. NE

5. Green Bay Packers: ⬆️ 3

Aaron Rodgers was a man on a mission in week 1. The Packers offense really got started in the second quarter, and after that just could not be stopped. Rodgers ended up with 364 yards, 4 TD's, and zero picks. Davante Adams had 156 yards and two touchdowns in the air. Watch out.

Week 1: GB: 43, MIN: 34

Week 2: vs. DET

6. Tennessee Titans: ⬆️ 1

Stephen Gostkowski did hit the game winner, but he made the game a lot closer than it should have been going 1/4 on field goals, and 1/2 on PAT's. The Titans defense was stellar, allowing just two drives of at least 10 plays by Denver. Derrick Henry had a Derrick Henry type of day with 31 carries for 116 yards on the ground.

Week 1: TEN: 16, DEN: 14

Week 2: vs. JAC

7. New England Patriots: ⬆️ 2

The Patriots really didn't make (or even attempt) any big plays on offense, but they still had their way with the Dolphins. This game really wasn't as close as the score said. Their defense didn't miss a beat either, snagging three picks from Ryan Fitzpatrick, although their schedule gets much tougher from here on out.

Week 1: MIA: 11, NE: 21

Week 2: @SEA

8. Buffalo Bills: ⬆️ 2

Despite being ahead for virtually the whole game, the Bills only rushed the ball (not counting Josh Allen) eighteen times. Allen also fumbled the ball twice. Despite that, Buffalo still controlled the game, although like the Patriots, they will have tougher tests in the future.

Week 1: NYJ: 17, BUF: 27

Week 2: @MIA

9. San Francisco 49ers: ⬇️ 4

George Kittle getting banged up, and missing Deebo Samuel really hurt this offense down the stretch against Arizona. They ended up using Raheem Mostert a ton. He had 19 total touches, 151 yards, and a touchdown. It wasn't the start they wanted, but the Niners are still a tough team to beat.

Week 1: ARI: 24, SF: 20

Week 2: @NYJ

10. Los Angeles Rams: ⬆️ 7

The Rams predicted running back by committee might have found its lead back in Malcolm Brown. He's been stuck behind Todd Gurley for quite some time, but Sunday he had 110 total yards and two TD's. It was a very impressive win for the the Rams. Who look like the team we saw in 2018.

Week 1: DAL: 17, LAR: 20

Week 2: @PHI

11. Dallas Cowboys: ⬇️ 5

The Cowboys did not get off to the start they wanted. After making it a three point game late in the third quarter, Dallas just could not put together a successful drive. They managed only 76 total yards on three drives in the fourth quarter. In addition, tight end Blake Jarwin is now done for the year and will have ACL surgery.

Week 1: DAL: 17, LAR: 20

Week 2: vs. ATL

12. Pittsburgh Steelers: ⬆️ 1

To be honest, I really wasn't all that impressed by the Steelers offense in week 1, but a win is a win, and this team has plenty of talent. Ben Roethlisberger will settle in a little more though. The defensive line absolutely bullied the Giants though, keeping Saquon Barkley to just six rushing yards, forcing two picks, and sacking Daniel Jones three times.

Week 1: PIT: 26, NYG: 16

Week 2: vs. DEN

13. Arizona Cardinals: ⬆️ 4

Despite forcing no turnovers (a rarity for week 1 this year), the Cardinals held San Francisco to 20 points, and got the job done on the other side of the ball. DeAndre Hopkins looked like a perfect fit in Arizona. He had a career high 14 receptions for 151 yards. Something to note as well is Kyler Murray's 91 rushing yards.

Week 1: ARI: 24, SF: 20

Week 2: vs. WAS

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: ➡️⬅️

The only reason the Bucs don't move down this list is because all the other teams in their position seemed to lose as well. They got beat up by the Saints, but the Saints are a very good team. I know it's only week 1, but Tom Brady looked like a bad fit for this offense. Their Schedule does get a lot easier now though.

Week 1: TB: 23, NO: 34

Week 2: vs. CAR

15. Minnesota Vikings: ⬇️ 3

To be frank, week 1 was one to forget for the Vikings. Their defense just got completely pushed around by Green Bay. The Vikings have potential to be one of the NFL's elite, but they are just not showing it. Their inconsistency has been their downfall these past few years, and it look like it might be the same in 2020.

Week 1: GB: 43, MIN: 34

Week 2: @IND

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