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Drafting a perfect fantasy football lineup for 2018

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

What to do in each draft spot, and overall rankings.

If you're picking first overall:

I'm not going to lie, you have an incredibly tough choice: Bell vs. Gurley, but please, don't take anyone besides those two. If I had to cut hairs I would take Todd Gurley. Afterall he was the top player in fantasy football last year, and it was not a fluke.

If you're picking second overall:

You have the easiest spot in the entire draft. It's simple: take Le'Veon Bell if he's available, or take Todd Gurley if he's available.

If you're picking third overall:

Another tough running back choice. David Johnson vs. Ezekiel Elliot. Now Elliot might be the most dynamic back in the league, but Johnson is the one to go with here. He's is so crucial to the Arizona Cardinals, that it's hard to pass on him. And please, don't worry about his injury last year, it was a wrist injury, not in the legs. Also, remember that he was often ranked first before last year.

If you're picking fourth:

Honestly, you could be getting a steal here in Ezekiel Elliot. He's just so talented, and racks up huge numbers. He had more points last year in ten games than most backs had in the full season.

If you're picking fifth:

If you can get one of the top four running backs, then by all means do that, but if not, draft Antonio Brown. He's annually the top wide receiver in the league, and last year he had his third best yard total with 1,533.

If you're picking sixth:

The sixth pick really depends on which type of drafter you are. Do you like to take risks? Take Saquon Barkley. Do you like to start your draft off with an elite wide receiver? Take DeAndre Hopkins. Want to play safe and take a well rounded running back? Take Alvin Kamara. I would go with Kamara, just because I like to take running backs with my first pick (besides Antonio Brown) and Barkley's lack of speed scares me a little.

If you're drafting seventh:

I passed on Barkley at #6, but I won't do that again. His ceiling is so high, and the fact that he could be the number one running back this year makes it hard for him to slip down to number eight.

If you're drafting eighth:

DeAndre Hopkins. To doubt that Hopkins is one of the best wide receivers in the game is absurd. This guy has thrived, despite having terrible quarterbacks, and now he has Deshaun Watson. He will challenge Antonio Brown as the top wide receiver. 

If you're drafting ninth: 

With rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes replacing Alex smith at QB for the Kansas City Chiefs, it's possible that Kareem Hunt will improve on his league leading, 1,327 rushing yards from last year. He is the right choice at number nine.

If you're drafting tenth:

Yes, I know he only had three touchdowns last year, but come on, the guy hasn't had less than 1,400 yards in five years. And by the way, he will catch more touchdown passes this year.

If you're drafting tenth: 

Melvin Gordon yards total has risen in each of his first three seasons, and it's likely he will rise again. His floor is 1,500 yards and 12 touchdowns, but his ceiling is 1,800 yards with 15 touchdowns. 

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