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Breaking: Antonio Brown to Patriots

Just hours after being released by the Oakland Raiders, Antonio Brown signs with the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

It's five o'clock, Saturday September 7th. The NFL season starts tomorrow. Earlier today, I heard that Vegas has the New England Patriots as favorites to sign Antonio Brown. I watch as Clemson beats up Texas A&M, and Serena Williams struggles versus Bianca Andreescu in the U.S. Open Final. The bottom of my screen turns read, the words "Breaking news" appear. I know what it is about: Mr. Antonio Brown. Adam Schefter reports that Brown will sign a one year deal with the New England Patriots.

Quick Facts:

-Brown will receive a $9 million signing bonus, and up to $15 million.

-Patriots pass the Kansas City Chiefs as Super Bowl favorites at 4-1 odds

-Brown signs with New England just one hour after being eligible

-Was released by Raiders earlier today.

With the Raiders:

Brown and the Oakland were never meant to be. Pretty much everything went wrong. The frostbite, the helmet, the fine. At first he was not going to be allowed to play in week 1, then he apologized and was allowed to play in week 1. Then he said he wasn't going to play, and asked to be released. He was.

On to the Patriots:

Don't even worry about Antonio Brown with New England. Everything that he pulled with the Raiders was because of one reason: He did not want to be there. Everyone knows two things about New England: 1, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick rule the team. 2, they will do whatever it takes to win. And Brown knows, he will follow those rules, and if he does not, he will find himself without a team.

Now imagine Tom Brady with Antonio Brown lined up to his left, Josh Gordon lined up to his right, and Julian Edelman in the slot. He's got James White and Sony Michel in the backfield. The Patriots might have just become unstoppable. Their defense is pretty much as good as it has ever been during their dynasty as well.

There will be growing pains. After all, Brown is joining the Patriots a day before the season starts. He will not be able to play in week one. It will take time for him to know the plays, and start to fit in with New England, but boy, this is exciting. Antonio Brown is the best player of his generation. He has just been teamed up with the greatest quarterback of all time.

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