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A huge mistake?

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Choosing between Tom Brady and Jimmy Garropolo.

Comparing the Quarterback of the past vs. that of the future.

Tom Brady

Career Record: 223-65

Super Bowl Wins: 5

Jimmy Garropolo

Career Record: 7-0

Super Bowl Wins: 0

Everyone loves handing out the blame, and luckily for us, there's plenty to be handed out.

Blame #1: Let's all just agree that Bill Belichek lost the Super Bowl for the Patriots by benching Malcolm Butler. Yes, I know he's a genius and the greatest coach ever, but he still let his feelings get in the way. Can you imagine? The guy hiding behind the hoody actually benched his best cornerback for personal reasons. In. The. Super Bowl. Although this isn't completely related to the Brady vs. Garropolo comparison, it plays into us not liking Belichek and his decisions. I wouldn't be surprised if Belichek leaves the Pats, because don't think he didn't want Garropolo, he did.

Blame #2: I hate to say this because of everything he's done for the Patriots, But a huge part of this problem is on Robert Kraft. Okay, now I'm going to come out and say it, I'd rather have Garropolo now, rather than Brady. Who in their right mind wouldn't? Garropolo is 7-0 as a starter and was extremely impressive with the 49ers, whereas Brady is 40, and as great as he's been, he will start to slow down pretty darn soon. So back to Kraft though, it's pretty obvious that he wanted no one at the helm besides Brady, and he's not willing to let go of him for the betterment of the team. But why has Green Bay been so successful? because they were willing to let go of Brett Favre to bring in Aaron Rodgers. Why was San Francisco so good for so long? Because they were willing to let go off Joe Montana for Steve Young. That's what the Patriots could have done.

Blame #3: Isn't this one obvious, Tom Brady. If the guy were half decent he would see that Garropolo is an up and coming star, realize what's best for the Patriots, and retire. It's certainly not like he needs any more money. Of course he seemed to think that he could play until he was 45. That's not going to happen. So now every Sunday (or Thursday or Monday), when we're cheering on Brady and the Pats, there's going to be this little tinge of bitterness towards them both. We'll realize that with Garropolo leading the way they'd be contenders for the next ten years, but instead, the Patriots face a grim future. So yes, it was a huge mistake.

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