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2018 NFC East Predictions

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

The Philadelphia Eagles are the top team in the NFC East. Who comes in second? Will the division send two teams to the playoffs?

Although Nick Foles' Eagles are likely to win the NFC East for the second straight year, the reigning Super Bowl MVP will most likely back up Carson Wentz

Philadelphia Eagles

2017 record: 13-3

End Result: Super Bowl Win

The Philadelphia Eagles are the easy winners of a very weak division. Led by one of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL in Carson Wentz, the Eagles have a legitimate chance to repeat as Super Bow Winners. They finished the 2017 season as the 2nd best offensive team in the NFL, and have arguably the most skill in the league. The reigning Super Bowl Champs have a dangerous receiver core with a lot of depth, and a very tough defense. It looks like the Eagles will be the first team in fourteen years to win the NFC East two years in a row.

Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz

Assuming he can make a successful recovery from his knee injury late in the 2017 season, Wentz can once again be an MVP threat. Before the former 2nd overall pick got hurt in week 14, Wentz led all quarterbacks with 33 touchdowns. He was ranked as the 6th best all purpose quarterback in the NFL by Lindy's Sports. His backup is also the reigning Super Bowl MVP. Not too shabby.

Projected Record: 12-4

Projected NFC East Position: 1

Biggest Question: Will Carson Wentz's knee be 100%?

2017 NFL Statistical ranks:

Total offense: 7th

Passing: 13th

Rushing: 3rd

Points Scored: 3rd

Total defense: 4th

Passing: 17th

Rushing: 1st

Points Conceded: 4th


Dallas Cowboys

2017 Record: 9-7

End Result: 2nd in division

The Cowboys are one of those teams that makes you not know what to think. If you think about it one way, in two years they tossed Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten, their three cornerstones. In the other way, they have arguably the most talented running back in the NFL in Ezekiel Elliot, and a future elite quarterback (hopefully) in Dak Prescott. Bottom line: don't be surprised about anything coming from Dallas during the 2018 season, especially a playoff appearance.

Ezekiel Elliot

After a rookie year in which Ezekiel Elliot led the league in rushing with 1,631 yards and the Cowboys finished the year with a 13-3 record, both fell off. Largely because of Elliot's six game suspension last year, he rushed for only 983 yards, and the Cowboys fell to a record of 9-7. With both Dez Bryant and Jason Witten gone, and Dak Prescott still seemingly trying to find his way, we are going to see a lot of Ezekiel Elliot.

Projected Record: 10-6

Projected NFC East Finish: 2

Biggest Question: Will Dak Prescott bounce back from last year's sophomore slump?

2017 NFL Statistical ranks:

Total offense: 14th

Passing: 26th

Rushing: 2nd

Points Scored: 14th

Total defense: 8th

Passing: 11th

Rushing: 8th

Points Conceded: 13th


New York Giants

2017 Record: 3-13

End Result: 4th in division

With Eli Manning as their quarterback, the Giants won't be able to do much. He is just too old (and not like Brady) to be a decent QB. To think that he will lead a team to contention is pure lunery. Saquon Barkley will make an instant impact though. He is a dynamic back who could quite possibly dethrone Odell Beckham Jr. as the face of the franchise. But let's be honest, the Giants averaged only 15 points a game last year, and Barkley can't change that all that much on his own. The Giants will be dedicated to the run on not just offense but also stopping it on defense. They drafted three players in the 2018 draft to shore up their front seven.

Saquon Barkley

It looks like the Giants finally have a legitimate running back. If Barkley can do what he did in college with the Giants, he will be one of the best backs in the game. In his three years with Penn State he scored 54 touchdowns, and totaled 5,557 all purpose yards. Last year he finished fourth in Heisman Trophy voting. He also has a veteran back in Jonathan Stewart helping lead him in his first NFL season.

Projected Record: 6-10

Prejected NFC East Finish: 3

Biggest Question: Will Eli Manning once again look like he should retire?

2017 NFL Statistical ranks:

Total offense: 21st

Passing: 19th

Rushing: 26th

Points Scored: 31st

Total defense: 31st

Passing: 31st

Rushing: 27th

Points Conceded: 27th


Washington Redskins

2017 Record: 7-9

End Result: 3rd in division

With Kirk Cousins and his 24-24-1 record with Washington out the door, the Red Skins are hoping for anything more than mediocrity. The problem is: they won't get it. Alex Smith will barely keep them afloat, but how far can he take them with basically no receiving core, and their trust in a rookie second round pick named Derrius Guice at running back. Also their two star defenders, cornerback Josh Norman, and linebacker Ryan Kerrigan are both 30. The Red Skins are going to have a tough time getting much done in 2018.

Alex Smith

The Red Skins won't be completely terrible solely because they have Alex Smith as their QB. He finished the 2017 season with the best passer rating in the NFL, had 4,042 yards, and had 26 touchdowns compared to just five interceptions. The problem is though, with Kansas City, Smith had an array of passing options, whereas in Washington, he won't have much.

Projected Record: 4-12

Projected NFC East Finish: 4

Biggest Question: Can Derrius Guice be a second round steal?

2017 NFL Statistical Ranks:

Total offense: 16th

Passing: 12th

Rushing: 28th

Points Scored: 16th

Total defense: 21st

Passing: 9th

Rushing: 32nd

Points Conceded: 27th

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