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NFC North claims their first DFFL title

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

The division defeated the AFC West in a tight championship round to cap off a very successful season

League Awards:

DFFL Title: NFC North

Regular Season Champ: AFC West

MVP: Alvin Kamara

Finals MVP: Davante Adams

Rookie of the Year: Justin Jefferson

QB1: Josh Allen

RB1: Alvin Kamara

WR1: Davante Adams

TE1: Travis Kelce

D/ST1: Los Angeles Rams

K1: Jason Sanders

1. NFC North (7-6) 1908 pts

MVP: Davante Adams

Biggest Surprise: Justin Jefferson

Biggest Injury: Kenny Golladay

The NFC North deserved to win the title. They simply had no weaknesses. Every single starter finished in the top ten in their position. Guys like Aaron Jones, Adam Thielen, and T.J. Hockenson were all top ten in their respective positions, but didn't end up in the starting lineup. This group didn't even use the Detroit Lions. It is an incredible turnaround for a team that finished dead last the previous season.

2. AFC West (10-3) 1836 pts

MVP: Travis Kelce

Biggest Surprise: Darren Waller

Biggest Injury: Austin Ekeler

At 10-3, the AFC West had the regular season's best record in the league. Unfortunately, they just fell short in the championship game. This team was once again dominated by the Chiefs, despite Edwards-Helaire not meeting expectations. This division actually had the top two ranked tight ends in fantasy. They just didn't have as many elite players as the NFC North, especially at the running back position.

3. AFC South (7-3) 1614 pts

MVP: Derrick Henry

Biggest Surprise: James Robinson

Biggest Injury: James Robinson

The AFC South entered the playoffs as the four seed, but managed to claim third in a strong bronze medal round performance. They were led by Deshaun Watson, and their very strong running back trio. The future is bright at running back with the two rookies, Jonathan Taylor and James Robinson having great rookie years. They simply did not have the talent at wide receiver and tight end to compete with the top two teams though.

4. NFC West (9-4) 1684 pts

MVP: Kyler Murray

Biggest Surprise: DK Metcalf

Biggest Injury: George Kittle

Despite a surplus of talent at wide receiver, and one of fantasy's best QB's, the NFC West could not put things together in the postseason. They had the NFC's best regular season record, but in the end, their lack of an elite running back or tight end hurt them. George Kittle missing much of the year was a big blow. Too many running back by committee situations also was a problem.

5. NFC South (5-8) 1697 pts

MVP: Alvin Kamara

Biggest Surprise: Mike Davis

Biggest Injury: Christian McCaffrey

The NFC South won the title the previous two seasons, yet didn't even make the playoffs in 2020. That is largely due to ending the year on a 6 game losing streak. Three of their top four picks, McCaffrey, Michael Thomas, and Julio Jones all did not make the starting lineup. When healthy, this is the most talented lineup in the league, but they were just never healthy. The WR talent on the bench is also crazy: Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, Chris Godwin, DJ Moore, etc.

6. AFC East (4-9) 1432 pts

MVP: Josh Allen

Biggest Surprise: Stefon Diggs

Biggest Injury: Julian Edelman

This team used to be dominated by Patriots players. This year, not a single one ended up in the starting lineup. It was the Bills that the AFC East relied on in 2020. Josh Allen finished 1st among QBs on ESPN and Stefon Diggs was 3rd among receivers. After those two guys though, these team doesn't really have any stars. They also lost their first round pick Le'Veon Bell to the Chiefs. The Division did get hot in the playoffs though, resulting in a 6th place finish.

7. AFC North (6-7) 1490 pts

MVP: Mark Andrews

Biggest Surprise: Chase Claypool

Biggest Injury: Joe Mixon

The AFC North was strange with their team stacks. Their two running backs ended up being both on the Browns, and every single starting receiver was on the Steelers. It didn't help them. A three game losing streak to end the season cost them a playoff berth. No one really went crazy on this team either. They have a lot of good players, but just not enough great ones.

8. NFC East (4-9) 1490 pts

MVP: Logan Thomas

Biggest Surprise: Logan Thomas

Biggest Injury: Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott's injury completely derailed this team. It not only took away their star quarterback, but it also hurt Ezekiel Elliot, Amari Cooper, and CeeDee Lamb, three of the division's best players. The Division ended up basically without a quarterback after that. The Giants failed to start a single player. Don't forget about Saquon Barkley's season ended injury in week 2. He was supposed to be the team's best player.

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