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Winners and losers from the MLB trade deadline

Who came out on top, and who came out on the bottom of the 2018 MLB Trade Deadline


Los Angeles Dodgers: There's no way they couldn't be winners considering they traded for the best player to be moved in Manny Machado. They also dealt for the Twins Brian Dozier, who despite not having a great first half, is known to pick things up big time near the end of the season. Let's remember that the Dodgers were just a game away from winning the World Series last year, and with the emergence of Matt Kemp and Max Muncy, these two acquisitions could put them over the top.

New York Yankees: It doesn't surprise me at all that the Yankees went out and got J.A. Happ and Lance Lynn to shore up their rotation, which desperately needs it. The one problem is, they are both extremely inconsistent, and don't go deep into games. That's why the addition of reliever Zach Britton was the Yankees best move at the deadline.

Baltimore Orioles: You've got to give them credit for having the guts to basically trade away their team. The Orioles dealt Manny Machado, Brad Brach, Zach Britton, Darren O'Day, and Jonathan Schoop. For every bit of terrible they were in the first half of the season, they will be ten times worse until the end of the year. But they stuck with there plan, and are building for the future.

Arizona Diamondbacks: The D-Backs made a little push. They traded for Eduardo Escobar, who's numbers are surprisingly good and could be a steal, and Jake Diekman and Brad Ziegler to shore up a shaky bullpen. Arizona could be a sleeper pick in the playoffs.

Atlanta Braves: Looking at who they added doesn't look impressive, but GM Alex Anthopoulos brilliantly avoided trading away any of the Braves incredibly impressive top ten prospects. They improved their chances of winning in 2018, while keeping all of their key pieces for what should be a long, promising run for the Braves.


Washington Nationals: To be straight and to the point, the Nationals should have traded Bryce Harper. There is such a low chance that Harper resigns with the Nationals at the end of the year, that they should have tried to get anything for him. And boy could they have gotten a lot.

Colorado Rockies: While the Dodgers make a World Series push, the Rockies add a 36 year old reliever. If Colorado thinks that they can win it all with the team they have is crazy. But saying that, they're one game out of first place in the National League West, and if they'd added a few pieces, they could have had a serious shot at a World Series.

Philadelphia Phillies: You've got to make moves with a purpose. And that's exactly what the Phillies did not. They traded for Asdrubal Cabrera, Wilson Ramos, and Aaron Loup. Sure, Cabrera and Ramos are decent players, but there is no way that those two are going to put Philadelphia over the top, and they won't help the Phillies in the future either. Just plain old pointless.

San Francisco Giants: Although they're just five games out of the second wild card spot, the chances of them making the playoffs, or doing something there are next to nothing. Current closer Will Smith has been absolutely lights out as of late. They could have gotten a lot for him, while still keeping Sam Dyson and Tony Watson as relievers.

Pittsburgh Pirates: The Pirates took a big risk, and it's not going to pan out well. Chris Archer is a good pitcher and all, but Pittsburgh isn't at the place to trade prospects for him. I don't know if they realize that they're not contenders. They aren't even in position to make the wild card. Giving away their future for a mediocre present is just not worth it.

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