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The Twenty Worst NHL Uniforms of All Time

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

There have been many great NHL jerseys over the years, but there have also been some terrible ones. Right now, we rank the ones that fall into the second category.

20. Columbus Blue Jackets:

What is that logo? And what is that alternate logo on the sleeve? Both are god awful, and this jersey has no stripes on the arms, there is no color on the shoulders, who would ever buy this?

19. New York Islanders:

Can you really blame John Tavares for leaving New York after having to wear a jersey like this? Numbers on the front of a jersey are for basketball and football, not hockey. There is something missing on this jersey, and that is a logo.

18. Edmonton Oilers:

The logo is just horrible. The jerseys are very bland, but it is the logo that makes this one stand out.

17. Anaheim Ducks:

You've just got to love the color scheme here. Purple and black, and then some more purple. And also, just writing the name of your team does not count as a logo. This is just so ugly.

16. Buffalo Sabres:

This jersey needed a photo without a player to show the fact that it is half yellow and half blue. It looks like the Sabres needed a third uniform, so just decided to use their practice jersey.

15. Atlanta Thrashers:

I will give credit where credit is due, and that is to the Thrashers, because they had guts. The color scheme is kind of nice, but the design does not work. They need a logo, and the design on the socks is trash.

14. Vancouver Canucks:

Yeah, no. A fade does not belong on a hockey jersey. Vancouver tried to get creative, but this jersey is a disaster.

13. Ottawa Senators:

Many teams in the NHL have nicknames, the Habs, the Pens, the Caps, etc. That does not mean that they get to put them on their jersey. This was a really poor choice.

12. Dallas Stars:

I think that the person designing this uniform was just randomly picking the colors. Red! Gold! Green! And the bull, constellation, shooting star logo is one of the worst that I have ever seen.

11. Pittsburgh Penguins:

This is quite the jersey. Notice that the sleeves are different on each side. They match the stripe through the center of the jersey. The Penguins have a great color scheme to work with, but the problem with this uniform is just that it is really, really, ugly.

10. New York Islanders:

No one has ever said that the stripes on the bottom of the jersey should be curvey. Just a bad idea, and it looks stupid. The logo is even worse.

9. Tampa Bay Lightning:

There appear to be raindrops falling into water, with flames on the arms. Why couldn't Tampa just stay traditional, and not make an idiotic jersey like this one. This could easily be higher on this list.

8. Arizona Coyotes:

I know these are two different Coyotes jerseys, but they are really equally bad. Imagine deciding to switch your team from one of these to the other? They are practically the same. Both have bad logos, weird shapes, and a strange use of green.

7. Los Angeles Kings:

The Kings made Wayne Gretzky look bad. First of all, the logo is in the corner of the jersey. Second, sashes do not belong on hockey uniforms, especially ones with a gradient from black to grey.

6. Philadelphia Flyers:

You might be confused. This is just the normal Flyers jersey right? Yes it is, but look at the rest of the equipment. They are wearing pants. Thankfully, this look did not last very long.

5. Anaheim Ducks:

The Ducks have had some pretty ugly uniforms thanks to their affiliation to the Disney movie The Mighty Ducks, but this one is the worst. I don't know who would ever think that putting that logo on a uniform was a good idea.

4. Nashville Predators:

The mustard yellow jersey, wow. The predators jerseys now are pretty ugly, but they look like gods compared to these. This logo is hideous. This is the worst modern era jersey. Just awful.

3. Vancouver Canucks:

I needed to show both the home and away for this uniform. The huge V, the color scheme, everything about this uniform is extremely out there. But what if someone wanted to buy the jersey, imagine them just walking around in a big shirt with a huge V on it. It just makes you wince, it is painful to look at.

2. California Golden Seals:

I really believe that the Seals are no longer a team because someone sued them to make them stop wearing these uniforms. The worst part is that absolutely everything is turquoise. The jerseys, pants, socks, and gloves are all turquoise. I'm surprised they did not make the skates turquoise as well.

1. Montreal Canadiens:

Why? I don't get why Montreal would ever want to re-create these uniforms. It is just too much. All of the stripes, it gives me a headache. Also, something to note is that they made the gloves brown like old hockey gloves. No thank you.

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