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Serious threats to the throne?

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Can the Celtics take down the mighty Golden State Warriors?

Are The Celtics the top team in the Eastern Conference?

Yes. The two teams that could challenge them would be the Philadelphia 76ers, but even if they did, I think that they would have a tough time getting by Boston in a seven game series, and the Raptors had the most wins in the East last year, so they have a chance, especially if Kawhi Leonard can get back to his previous form. Milwaukee has a chance too, only because they have Giannis Antetekounpo. The Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers are other teams that could possibly make the Eastern Conference finals, but the Celtics would have an easy time with either of them. Overall, With Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward back and Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown a year older, the Celtics are the clear favorites to make it out of the East.

Would the Celtics be able to take down Golden State in a possible Finals matchup?

In a seven game series, Boston would be competitive, and maybe take a few games from the Warriors (in other words much better than last years Cavs!), but they're called the Dubs for a reason. Unlike most of the Cleveland teams Golden State has seen though, the Celtics somewhat matchup to the Warriors. Curry to Irving, Thompsons to Hayward, Green to Brown, Durant to Tatum and Cousins to Horford. Sure, It's hard to say that Jayson Tatum could play in the NBA Finals at the same level as Kevin Durant, but you get the point, that series would/will not be a blowout. And in a few years, if somehow the Celtics manage to keep this team together, mark my words, they will definitely win a title, if it's against Golden State or not.

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