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Predicting the Seattle Kraken's post-expansion draft team

To preface, this is by no means a prediction of what the Kraken's team might look like at the start of the season. I expect them to be very active in both free agency and making trades. In addition, you will obviously not find a player from every team on this 23 man roster. That means that I expect the players from the teams not represented below to either not make this roster, or be traded.

This is also a completely win now team. While there are plenty of young players on this team (and Carey Price is the only player older than 30 years old), this roster was not built for the future. It is likely that Seattle chooses more younger prospects than I have in this mock expansion draft. With that though, here is their team:

Average age: 26.9

Cap hit: $70,708,332

Average salary: $2,987,318

Players by country:

🇨🇦 - 7

🇺🇸 - 6

🇷🇺 - 2

🇸🇪 - 2

🇫🇮 - 2

🇨🇿 - 2

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