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Predicting the Seattle Kraken's post-expansion draft team (PRE-protected list release)

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

A constantly updating page with regard to all of the moves being made in the NHL.

At this point in time there simply cannot be a definitive prediction of what Seattle's team might look like after the expansion draft due to all of the moves that will be made over the next few days. Because of that, this page will continuously be updating with the moves that are made.

I'd also like to make it clear that by no means would my predicted draft team be Seattle's team come the start of the season. I envision them making numerous trades and signings, mostly to improve their top six forwards before then. They also will obviously not keep as many depth forwards as I have them drafting.

This team does not include any players that Seattle might sign or trade for.

I'd also like to say not to put too much weight into the lines that I have set up on the team. With that, I give you my predicted Seattle Kraken team, although it will be changing right up until the draft:

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