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Possible Bruins fourth jersey leaked

The more I look at these jerseys, the more I start to like them. It is really nice, and I am glad that they were able to make a unique jersey while also making it a bit of a throwback. I like that they chose to go with a yellow jersey. They already have a black third jersey, which is a good one, so they most definitely don't need another dark jersey on the rack.

The image was leaked by CBS Sports Writer Pete Blackburn on Twitter.

If this is in fact what their "fourth Jersey" will be, it is simply a color switch of their jerseys from 1981-95.

Another thing to note about the jersey's is the bear logo on the shoulder (which has a different name around Boston). It is definitely a controversial logo around the city, which makes me glad that they chose to keep it on the shoulder. On the front of a jersey, it would just be too much. Using the 'Spoked B' version that they did is also a nice remembrance to a Bruins team that is often overshadowed.

Overall, it is not perfect, but this is a strong jersey. A lot of things are still up in the air though. We can't perfectly see what shade of yellow it is, so hopefully it is more Bruins yellow, and better looking than the current Nashville Predators home uniforms. Also, unlike Nashville, let's pray that they don't go to yellow helmets.

In addition, it is hard to tell if the stripes on the bottom curve with the jersey, so that will mean something.

Grade: 7.5/10

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