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Mid Season MLB predictions

What will change? What will stay the same? After half a seasons worth of baseball, we determine each playoff teams future, and who comes out on top.

American League:

Wildcard Game: Red Sox over Indians:

Tampa Bay is certainly changing the game, but I just don't think that they have what it takes to keep it going. Cleveland is talented, and this should be an exciting wild card game, but the Red Sox should come out on top.

Divisional Round: Astros over Red Sox:

I think that the Red Sox will turn things around and end the season playing far better than they started it. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they are the home team in the wild card game. They just have too much talent to be a mediocre team. The Astros pitching is just so far and away better than the Red Sox, and beating Houston two years in a row in the playoffs is very challenging.

Divisional Round: Yankees over Twins:

I definitely think that the Twins better watch their back, because the Indians are coming for them. I do think that they will hold on though, but they just don't have enough fire power to take down the Yankees. The Yanks are going to smash around Minnesota's starting pitching.

AL Championship: Astros over Yankees:

It's amazing what the Yankees have done considering all of their injuries. With everyone healthy, they will be extremely dangerous, I'm just not sure that is going to happen. They are going to have to make at least one move for a starting pitcher, and that might not be enough. The Astros just have to much depth for the Yankees pitching.

National League:

Wildcard Game: Phillies over Brewers:

Their are so many teams fighting for those wild card spots in the National League, but I think that the Phillies and Brewers sneak it out. It's hard to get against Christian Yelich, but especially if the game is in Philly, the Brewers are going to have a tough time keeping the Phillies explosive offense silent.

Divisional Round: Cubs over Braves:

I don't think that the Braves are going to be able to stay hot. Beyond Mike Soroka, their starting rotation is extremely weak, and the Cubs are going to eat them apart. The Braves offense will give Chicago everything they can though. They are a dangerous group, and their is no doubt that the future is still bright in Atlanta.

Divisional Round: Dodgers over Phillies:

It has been a rather disappointing season for the Phillies so far, but you can't be too upset losing to the Dodgers. Bryce Harper is still yet to prove himself in the postseason, and I don't trust their rotation. Los Angeles is just too much for them to handle.

NL Championship: Cubs over Dodgers:

Yes, I know, how can the Dodgers lose? Well, everything has gone perfectly for the Dodgers this year. This might sound a little surprising, but behind Cody Bellinger there are some holes. If a few guys on their team get cold at the wrong time, this season could turn out to be a disaster.

World Series: Astros over Cubs:

Despite the Dodgers record, the Astros are the team to beat. The Cubs have a really strong team, and in my opinion have been under performing this year. Having five quality starting pitchers means so much, and that is what they have. People have counted them out from being a threat, but they can be dangerous come the playoffs. They will not beat the Astros though.

World Champion, Houston Astros:

Dallas Keuchel is gone, and this starting rotation has not missed a beat. Somehow, Wade Miley found his inner talent, as he is having his best career year in his ninth MLB season. They have a lot of depth too, not just among their pitching. Michael Brantley, George Springer, and Alex Bregman have all emerged as stars, and that's not even mentioning the likes of Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, and Yuli Guriel. The team is stacked, and they are straight out winners. That is a combination for success.

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