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J.D. Martinez walks it off for Red Sox vs. Rays - 4/6/21

I have to say, the Red Sox game on Tuesday was the most entertaining baseball game I have watched in a long time. Easily more fun to watch than any game last season.

I know a lot of people have been critical of the extra inning rule where each team gets to start with a runner on second base, but it really helped this game. The fact is, the majority of the time we want to see close games that have some good pitching, some runs, and are exciting at the finish. This game checked all those boxes. I think the runner on second base rule aided that, as essentially we got to see four extra runs in extra innings which most definitely made the game more exciting.

Say what you want about the Red Sox, but this team has fight, and they really care. They bolted out of the dugout to mob J.D. Martinez after his walkoff hit on Tuesday. That's something that I questioned a lot the last year or two, but this team certainly has a bit of fire.

Interesting fact right here as well, although this was aided by the runner on second base rule, as that runner scored in both the 11th and 12th innings for the Rays:

Key players:

J.D. Martinez, for obvious reasons earns the player of the game from me. He had the walkoff winner, went 2-6, and drove in 3 RBI. He currently leads the Red Sox in, well, everything.

Martin Perez was solid. He gave up 3 earned runs through five innings, although the last one, scored by Lowe was his base runner after he got pulled after walking Lowe. Overall, he threw 92 pitches, and struck out six batters.

Matt Barnes was absolutely lights out as he pitched the ninth and tenth innings for the Sox. He had to throw just 23 pitches, and struck out four batters. No one was even close to getting a hit off of him. Very impressive.

It was nice seeing Rafael Devers get his first two hits of the year. He had been making good contact the last few games so it was definitely coming. He came up with a key clutch hit in the eleventh to score Xander Bogaerts and tie the game.

Christian Vazquez absolutely destroyed his game tying home run in the bottom of the ninth. Over the monster, it was a no doubter right off the bat.

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