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Guys I despise on the teams that I love

You can't love everybody that plays on your favorite teams, so here are the players on each Boston team that I dislike the most.

Boston Celtics

Marcus Smart: You know what drives me even more crazy than Smart's shooting? Boston fans ridiculous love of his play. I get it, he's a good defender, but does it really make up for his offensive flaws? No way. Basketball is just like baseball, offense means more than defense. Now I still think defense is important, but if your shooting is as horrible as Smart's is (career field goals percentage of 37.2%, and career three point percentage of 31%), then you are just not valuable. Maybe if he all together stopped taking so many threes, I would like him more.

New England Patriots

Stephen Gostkowski: Now I know that he is out for the year, and will likely never return for the Patriots, but I just had to include him. Pretty much every important game that the Patriots have played in through the past few years Gostkowski has missed a kick. It is amazing that a choker like him has won three Super Bowls. I know that his career percentages are very strong, but his start to this season put him on the hate list.

Boston Red Sox

Rick Porcello: The guy is just not a good pitcher. When Porcello won the Cy Young in 2016 he was the worst player to ever win the award. That year was just the third year in his eleven year career that he had a sub 4.00 ERA. This past year he had an MLB worst 5.52 ERA. Need I say more? Luckily, he will probably leave Boston in free agency so I won't have to deal with his abysmal pitching anymore.

Boston Bruins

Par Lindholm: I don't despise the guy, especially since he's only played nine games so far with the Bruins, but I just don't like the addition. He is just a lesser Joakim Nordstrom, and the Bruins just don't need another player like that. Maybe he should be called bogey instead of Par.

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