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Division Fantasy Football League Year #2

The NFC South won the title in the league's inaugural season. Who will take home the trophy this year?

2018's Results:

The 2018 Division Fantasy Football League's playoff tournament (above), total points rankings (right), and regular season standings (below).


AFC East:

Like last year, the majority of starters on this team play for the New England Patriots. Fantasy wise though, there really aren't any stars. If Le'Veon Bell is the player he was in 2017, then that would add a huge boost to this team. Mike Gesicki wouldn't be a starter on most NFL teams never mind a fantasy football team.

Strength: kicker

Weakness: wide receiver, tight end

Team Emoji: 🗑

Projected Finish: 8th


AFC North

This is a very strong team. They are very balanced, and have no obvious weaknesses. They also have a ton of depth. Players like Jarvis Landry, Tyler Boyd, and Mark Ingram II, will start the season on the bench. Kareem Hunt will also join this team when he returns from suspension. They also add Odell Beckham Jr. to a very explosive offense in Cleveland.

Strength: running back, wide receiver

Weakness: tight end, defense

Team emoji: 💪

Projected Finish: 2nd


AFC South:

Deshaun Watson and Andrew Luck form a really strong QB duo, and should split time as the starter. DeAndre Hopkins and T.Y. Hilton are also an elite wide receiver pair. Derrick Henry finished the season very strong, but only had 15 receptions all year long. Leonard Fournette has also got to stay on the field if this team is going to have success.

Strength: quarterback, wide receiver

Weakness: tight end

Team emoji: 👍

Projected Finish: 5th


AFC West:

Luckily for this division, they have the Kansas City Chiefs. Last season, Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce all finished first in fantasy points for their respective positions. They have lossed Kareem Hunt. They have added Antonio Brown. This team finished the regular season first last year, but could not get it done in the playoffs. This is their revenge tour, and anything but a championship will be a disappointment.

Strength: wide receiver, tight end

Weakness: defense, running back

Team emoji: 🤑

Projected Finish: 3rd


NFC East:

This is easily the best running back one two in the league. Hopefully for this group Ezekiel Elliott re-signs with Dallas. Zach Ertz was a stud last year at tight end as well. But beyond that, this team has a lot of holes. Carson Wentz must stay healthy. There aren't any supertar wide receivers on the team either. Their defense and kicker spots are also suspect.

Strength: running back

Weakness: wide receiver, defense

Team emoji: 🤔

Projected Finish: 4th


NFC North:

The NFC North has a really strong passing attack, a lot of that thanks to the Minnesota Vikings. They might have the best depth in the league as well. Players like Tarik Cohen, Aaron Jones, and Kenny Golladay are on the bench for week 1. They are going to need one of their running backs to really stand out though if they want to take home the trophy.

Strength: wide receiver, defense

Weakness: running back

Team emoji: 😴

Projected Finish: 6th


NFC South:

The defending Division Fantasy Football League champions are absolutely stacked. They have three elite QB's in Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, and Drew Brees. They have three elite running backs in Alvin Kamara Christian McCaffrey and Devonta Freeman. And they have three elite wide receivers in Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, and Mike Evans. Just try to slow them down.

Strength: running back, wide receiver, quarterback

Weakness: defense

Team emoji: 🔥

Projected finish: 1st


NFC West:

The biggest two names on the team Todd Gurley II and David Johnson have great question marks around them. If they are both at peak form though, watch out. George Kittle had the most yards ever by a tight end last year. Their are no obvious weak points on this team, but the wide reciever group will likely fall a little from last years production.

Strength: running back, tight end

Weakness: wide receiver

Team emoji: 🙁

Projected Finish: 7th

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