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Demarcus Cousins: a Dub

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

'Boogie' pointing to his future in Golden State

Adding Cousins is basically just putting the cherry on top of an already power house team. But honestly, I don't see the addition, despite the shockingly low price ($5.3 million), having much impact on the Warriors season. Before we all start going crazy, let's remember that Cousins has a torn achilles, something very tough to come back from for basketball players. Yes, I know he's a four time all star, but look at it this way: Does a four time all star really want to be the fifth best player on his team. The answer: no. Now I know that he did choose to play in Golden State, but how would he really know what it's like to not touch the ball all that much?

Even with him playing well though, it really doesn't make Golden State all that much better. Sure, maybe a little, but also, could it mess up their chemistry? Previously they've had guys like Andrew Bogut and Zaza Pachulia, who's job is basically just don't get in the way. Neither of those two would ever score more than five points a game, but cousins averaged 25 points a game last year. With him on the ball, it takes away from Curry holding it and Durant holding it, never mind Green and Thompson. And no one can say that Cousins is even close to as good of a shooter as Curry and Durant. But that doesn't change the fact that Cousins will be taking shots away from both of them.

It's just another soft NBAer making another soft move anyway though. He's got guts taking that little money, but seriously? I don't understand why he can't join a team on the edge of taking down Golden State (like Houston or Boston), because I'm sure that the joy of winning with one of them would be a lot bigger. Even if Golden State wins the title again this year, Cousins is going to know that the Warriors didn't need him.

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