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After 9 weeks, how the top five teams in college football should be ranked

1. Ohio State: This team has absolutely blown every team they have faced out of the water. They faced their first real test last weak against Wisconsin, and beat them 38-7. Justin Fields is a Heisman candidate, but in my opinion is outshined by his own defense and running back J.K. Dobbins. Ohio State looks like the team to beat.

2. Alabama: My only concern with Alabama is that they really haven't played anyone decent. Next week's matchup with LSU should be a fun game, hopefully Tua Tagovailoa is back. Plain and simple though, Alabama is Alabama, and Nick Saban is the greatest coach in college football. Ohio State looks good, but this team is still the favorite.

3. LSU: If it weren't for Alabama's pedigree, and that they have demolished every team they have played, LSU would be ranked 2nd. They have played a tougher schedule than both of the teams above them, and are undefeated. I love how the Tigers have successfully been able to change their whole culture, switching from a run first offense, to one that throws the ball a lot with Joe Burrow.

4. Penn State: The Nittany Lions have caught a few breaks with the losses of Wisconsin and Oklahoma in the past two weeks, but Penn State just wins games. They have beaten two tough teams in Iowa and Michigan, and have strong depth on offense. Four players have over 200 rushing yards, and five players have over 100 receiving yards. It is really their defense that separates them though, as they have given up just 9.6 points per game, second to only Ohio State. It is time for this team to stop being overlooked.

5. Clemson: Just like everyone else, I have not been impressed by Clemson this year. Trevor Lawrence has definitely taken a step back from last year. What has been a positive though, is that Travis Etienne has looked like the best running back in the nation. Fact is, while it is very unlikely that this team loses, their schedule is so weak that if they do, they will be knocked far out of the college football playoff contention. Even if they don't lose, I don't think that there is enough there to prove that they are a top four team right now.

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