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7/27: Pitching struggles early, batting cannot rally, Sox lose third in a row

Final: Mets: 7, Red Sox: 4

Pre-game records:

Red Sox (1-2) vs. Mets (1-2)

Starting Pitchers:

Red Sox: Josh Osich

Mets: Michael Wacha

Red Sox batting lineup:

1. Andrew Benintendi:

2. J.D. Martinez:

3. Rafael Dvers:

4. Xander Bogaerts:

5. Mitch Moreland:

6. Christian Vazquez

7. Alex Verdugo:

8. Jackie Bradley Jr.:

9. Jose Peraza:

For the third game in a row, the Red Sox have lost. For the third game in a row they gave up seven runs. For the third game in a row their starting pitcher/opener got shelled.

Pretty much every fear for the Red Sox coming into the season has come true.

Last night, Josh Osich was tonight's starting pitcher victim for the Red Sox. Although it was a bullpen day, of Osich's 219 career games, this was the very first start of his entire career. Osich looked good through the first inning. In the second, he really only made one mistake when he left a sinker right over the plate to which Michael Conforto knocked into the Mets extended bullpen.

That is of course ignoring the home run over the monster hit by J.D. Davis that was called foul.

Then comes in Jeffrey Springs in the third, making his Red Sox debut. And let me say this, it was not a pretty one. First a single by Amed Rosario. Then Springs grooves a 81 mile per hour changeup that doesn't change right down the middle to the Mets best power hitter Pete Alonso. Alonso sends that one into the monster seats in a flash.

In the fourth with no one out, runners on first and second, and Springs still on the mound, Dominic Smith, the Mets eighth batter, cranked one to center. 7-0 Mets.

Like the last few days, the Sox pitching later in games has not been bad at all. Zack Godley came on for four shutdown innings (with seven strikeouts) in the middle of the game. Godley, with a grunt every time he throws, no doubt should have been the opener. He has started 81 games over his five year career, which was 81 games more than Josh Osich before yesterday.

After Godley, Phillips Valdez pitched another scoreless inning.

Unfortunately, by the fifth inning, this game was pretty much over. Suddenly losing the likes of David Price and Rick Porcello hurts. The Red Sox currently have just one legitimate starter in Nathan Eovaldi. This is the worst starting rotation I have ever witnessed on the Red Sox, and they might be the worst in the league.


With the pitching the Red Sox have, four runs from their offense is just not going to get them wins. I feel like a broken record saying this, but the top of their lineup once again disappointed. Andrew Benintendi got his first hit of the year on a lucky bunt single in the first, but failed to reach first the rest of the game.

He is clearly uncomfortable batting leadoff. It just doesn't make sense to keep him there when he has never succeeded at that spot.

J.D. Martinez went hitless for the second straight game. Bogaerts and Devers also only had one hit each. The only Boston batter with more than one hit was Mitch Moreland, who knocked in his team leading second home run of the year.

Watching the Red Sox hit has been painful these last few days. Michael Wacha, the Mets starting pitcher, was pretty much primarily throwing junk. And it worked, because the Sox were swinging at everything, and that is especially true for the top of the lineup. The Red Sox offense is at its best when they are waiting for the right pitch to hit, but they have just three two walks in their last three games.

Devers and Bogaerts are swinging at terrible pitches more than I have ever seen either of them do over their entire careers. Benintendi is even worse then them. He looks incredibly lost at the plate.

The bottom line is, until Devers, Bogaerts and Benintendi start hitting again, the Sox are going to keep losing games. That is just the truth.

Oh, and Boston's defense has also been horrendous. They committed two more errors last night from Jose Peraza, and guess who? Rafael Devers. Devers also had a miss play in the first inning that Xander Bogaerts bailed him out on by running down Jeff McNeil for a diving tag that wasn't counted as an error.

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