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NFC South Takes Home DFFL Title

The NFC South, for the second year in a row, is the division fantasy football league champion.

While in 2018 the league was greatly divided, 2019 brought lots of parity. In the regular season, not one team won ten games, and not one lost ten games. The NFC East upset the AFC leading AFC North in the semifinals, but the NFC South were just too much to handle in the finals. The NFC South caught fire about halfway through the season, and just could not be touched the rest of the way. They are back to back DFFL Champions!

1. NFC South:

Team MVP: Christian McCaffrey

Biggest Disappointment: Cam Newton

Biggest Surprise: Chris Godwin

This team was the best in the league last year, and the same was true for the 2019 season as well. The lineup is absolutely stacked, and players like Mike Evans and Devonta Freeman aren't even starters. Michael Thomas, Chris Godwin, and Julio Jones were the top three fantasy wide receivers, and Christian McCaffrey was by far the best non QB fantasy player. Alvin Kamara and Austin Hooper round out this lineup.

2. NFC East:

Team MVP: Dak Prescott

Biggest Disappointment: Alshon Jeffrey

Biggest Surprise: Dak Prescott

This group was a bit of a surprise to make the finals, and were no match for the NFC South in the championship game. The problem with this team was that they had absolutely no contributions from the Washington Red Skins. Dak and Zeke led the way though, and Zach Ertz was once again one of the top tight ends in the league. Saquon's great finish to the season was a huge help for this group in the postseason.

3. AFC North:

Team MVP: Lamar Jackson

Biggest Disappointment: JuJu Smith-Schuster

Biggest Surprise: Lamar Jackson

The AFC North was successful this year for reasons that no one expected. JuJu Smith-Schuster, Odell Beckham Jr., James Connor, and Baker Mayfield were supposed to be leading the way for this team, but instead completely floundered out. The Baltimore Ravens took their place. Lamar Jackson was number one in all of fantasy, while Mark Andres, Mark Ingram, Justin Tucker, and the Ravens D/ST helped Baltimore have a league high five starters.

4. AFC South:

Team MVP: DeShaun Watson

Biggest Disappointment: T.Y. Hilton

Biggest Surprise: DJ Chark Jr.

The AFC South was a surprise contender, and was able to sneak into the playoffs in a wide open AFC division. The top of their lineup truly was headlined by some very strong players. DeShaun Watson, Derrick Henry, Leonard Fournette, and DeAndre Hopkins were all top seven at their respective positions. Where this division struggled though was with their depth and tight end, where the talent was significantly lower.

5. AFC West:

Team MVP: Travis Kelce

Biggest Disappointment: Tyreek Hill

Biggest Surprise: Austin Ekeler

The AFC West was by far the most disappointing team in the league. After the draft, they were projected for a second place finish, but were only able to manage fifth place because of a few consolation playoff round victories. A few things that really hurt them were Melvin Gordon's holdout, and Antonio Brown leaving the Raiders. They are stacked at tight end though, with Travis Kelce, Darren Waller, and Hunter Henry all top ten TE's.

6. NFC West:

Team MVP: George Kittle

Biggest Disappointment: David Johnson

Biggest Surprise: 49ers D/ST

If things had gone well for the NFC West, they really could have been a contender, unfortunately for them though, they did not. All of the starting position players besides George Kittle at tight end played for either the Rams or the Seahawks, which meant that a bad offensive game for either of those teams, and the NFC West would be in trouble. David Johnson played basically half a season because of injuries, which hurt this team quite a bit.

7. AFC East:

Team MVP: Patriots D/ST

Biggest Disappointment: Sony Michel

Biggest Surprise: Josh Allen

Rumors have it that the biggest party of the year came when the AFC East beat the NFC North in the last place game to claim seventh place. That is a moment these guys will never forget. This division had the potential to be better, players like Antonio Brown, Sony Michel and Le'Veon Bell looked like they might lead this team to success, but unfortunately for this group, it was another disappointing season.

8. NFC North:

Team MVP: Aaron Jones

Biggest Disappointment: Adam Thielen

Biggest Surprise: Aaron Jones

For a team with as much talent as the NFC North has, an eighth place finish is extremely embarrassing. Things just did not come together for this club. Wide receivers Adam Thielen, Davante Adams, and Stefon Diggs all had down years, and running backs Aaron Jones and Dalvin Cook could not do everything for this team. Aaron Rodgers mediocrity this season was no help to the NFC North as well.

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